What we do



Community Outreach

We provide comprehensive harm reduction services that help our community members to keep themselves alive and safe. We promote HIV and Hepatitis C prevention by meeting people where they're at and providing supplies for safer drug use and reproductive health. 



We work with schools, law enforcement, and jails to provide overdose prevention education, as well as education about HIV and hepatitis C prevention. We also engage health professions students and health care providers through workshops and conferences to create inter professional collaborations and improve understanding of health inequities, harm reduction, and the structural determinants of health. 

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Taking a systems approach, we work with legislators and community leaders to advocate for public and institutional policy changes that reduce health inequities and health disparities faced by people who use drugs. Our 2017 legislative priorities include advocating for the legalization of syringe service programs in Iowa and for improved access to naloxone through community standing orders.