Donating = Love

We love helping people stay safe, and reducing stigmas in Iowa. But it takes hundreds of hours and a few thousand dollars each month to sustain.

We’re currently an all-volunteer organization (meaning, none of the money you give us goes to paying any volunteer for anything). We use our money to pay for supplies. Keeping these supplies and services available and free is important to being an effective harm reduction organization, but this means those supplies and services must be subsidized by the generous support of individuals like you.

How to donate

If you find any inspiration or joy in the work we are doing, please consider a modest donation—however much you can afford, when it comes from the heart, it’s the kind of gesture that makes us warm with appreciation. There are two options for supporting us:

Become a Supporting Harm Reductionist

You can become a Supporting Harm Reductionist, joining a cadre of harm reductionists across the state who make feasible the work we do with an automatic monthly donation of your choosing:

Be a one-time patron with a single contribution