Outreach & Health Services

We provide weekly outreach services in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding communities and distribute safer injection kits, condoms, and reproductive health supplies to reduce the risk of HIV and hepatitis C in Eastern Iowa. We are the state's largest free naloxone distribution program and provide opioid overdose prevention education. To find us in the community on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday please call or text our hotline at (319) 214-0540.


Risk Reduction Kits

We offer safer injection and risk reduction kits which include cottons, cookers, ties, sterile water, antibiotic wipes, vitamin c, band aids, and condoms. By improving access to these materials, we help people who inject heroin, meth, and other drugs to reduce their risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C. 

Naloxone Kits

Naloxone is the life-saving medication used to reverse an opioid overdose and is also commonly known as narcan. We provide free naloxone kits and training on naloxone use to individuals, families, and organizations and do not require a prescription or insurance. Please text or e-mail Sarah at sarah@iowaharmreductioncoalition.org or (319) 214-0540 for information about our weekly distribution sites or to request a naloxone kit. Please note that we do not post our distribution locations on the website so as to protect client privacy and confidentiality. 


Syringe Clean Up

Used syringes are often found in public spaces and construction sites throughout Eastern Iowa. We provide free syringe clean up and disposal of sharps upon request via our hotline, (319) 214-0540. 

HIV / HCV Rapid Testing

Launching in July 2017, we will begin providing free HIV and hepatitis C testing during weekly outreach. These tests can be administered anywhere in the community and take less than twenty minutes to deliver a result. To schedule a test, please contact our hotline.



We operate a 24 hour hotline to answer questions related to safer injection, vein health, and wound care. We also schedule supply mailings, deliveries, and drop offs through this number.  To schedule or request a supply mailing or delivery, please call (319) 214-0540. Please note that we are unable to provide comprehensive medical advice through this hotline. In case of an emergency please call 911.