Call your legislator and tell them Iowa needs syringe service programs

What to say

"Hi Senator / Representative _____, my name is _____ and I am a _____ (Student / University of Iowa Faculty Member / Person affected by drug use).  I live in ____. I am calling to ask that you support SF 219 / HF 228 to legalize syringe exchange in Iowa.

[You might also say:] 

  • I am concerned that the rise in opioid use in our state will lead to an increase in needles in our community, and an increased number of needle sticks to law enforcement. Public health research shows  that when needle exchanges are legal and keep needles out of our communities, law enforcement needle sticks drop 62%.
  • I am concerned about the 300% increase in Hepatitis C in Iowa over the last five years, and concerned that our state medicaid budget will not be able to afford the estimated $12 billion in treatment costs. Fortunately, needle exchange programs are an evidence-based way to reduce the transmission of Hepatitis C and will save our state money.

Thank you for your time and your support of this bill."